Thursday, November 27, 2014

Top 10 Things I'm Thankful for This Thanksgiving

Top 10 Things I’m Thankful for            This Thanksgiving

10. Coffee

My love for coffee goes deeper than what should be possible for humans and inanimate objects. Not only do I rely on coffee to revive me, but I also rely on coffee for comfort. It’s like a best friend in a weird  (don’t judge me) way. Nonetheless I am eternally grateful for the most blessed elixir on Earth.

 9. Freedom of Expression/ Art

 I’m grateful to be a part of a generation that has choices. I’m a part of the most forward thinking age and that’s amazing. I’m appreciative that I am surrounded by art and can pursue a degree in it. I’m thankful that I can freely state my opinions and voice concerns.  

8. Black Friday Shopping

Although a bit contradictory regarding the day that we are supposed to be giving thanks for everything we already have; I am thankful for the wonderful sales happening and the fact that I can get clothes at extreme discount prices. #blessed

 7. Food

And how could I leave out the most valued part of Thanksgiving? I’m extremely grateful American’s nixed the eel, crab, and berries from the “traditional” Thanksgiving meal. 

6. Mississippi State University

 Even though I went through several options of universities, visited all of them, changed my mind, and then changed my mind some more I am beyond ecstatic to have ended up at Mississippi State University. We are known as “The People’s University” and that saying holds true. Every single person on campus is welcoming and helpful. I went into MSU knowing that we weren’t the best at football in the SEC and we seem to be the butt of Ole Miss’ jokes, but I was okay with that. Maybe I brought some good luck because as it turns out we ARE the best in the SEC and Ole Miss can go to hell (as stated in our fight song). The sports aspect has definitely made my freshman year exciting, but being in an environment of student’s that love each other even if we aren’t the richest or most athletic is the most rewarding experience. Essentially, I’m thankful that we aren’t the snobby school up North.

5. Phi Mu

Going ten hours away to a university where I didn’t know anyone wasn’t the easiest feat in the world. It was really lonely and scary at first, but after joining Phi Mu my entire perception has changed. Say what you want about sororities, and believe me I used to be against them too, but I wouldn’t trade my experience for anything. Not only is every single Phi Mu so kind, but they are also beautiful, giving, and loving. I’ve grown as a leader and woman because of the people I surround myself with in Phi Mu.

4. Old Friends
Going to college makes a person realize who their actual high school friends are. Whenever I come home there are only a few people I’m actually excited to see, but those people make coming home worth it. The friends from my hometown are the ones who grew up with me since elementary school; I had sleepovers with them, got into trouble with them, and so much more. They’re the people who have known me my whole life and are still around today. It’s just like the saying goes, “Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the others gold.”

3. New Friends

On the other hand, going to college makes a person realize the type of people they want to surround themselves with. All of my friends I’ve 

made at MSU will be my best friends for life. My friends at college have been there for me through all of the hard times, but most importantly the amazing crazy times. I’ve met the most beautiful girls inside and out, and I am so lucky I get to call them my best friends

and sisters.  For every football game, swap, date party, and late night Phi meetings these girls and I have been through a lot. If I didn't have these girls on the weekends college just wouldn't be the same. My sisters are the ones I will look back at remember all the crazy
memories with. 

2. Jacob

I’m thankful to have a boyfriend who has stuck by my tears, rants, weird accents, coffee addiction, endless stories, fickle decisions, and overthinking. Jacob is my absolute best friend. He is intelligent, kind, loving, caring, and yes, even funny (don’t tell him I said that, it would get to his head). I know that I can count on him to cheer me up, calm me down, or whatever emotion I’m throwing at him that day. I’m lucky to date someone whose family I love as well. They treat me like one of their own, and they’re all so amazing in their own way. 

1. Family

Most importantly, I’m thankful for my family. My mom is so creative, beautiful, giving, and my twin. My dad is funny, intelligent, and hard working. They both emit kindness and have always been there for me (even when I decided to major in art). My older sister is my best friend and the most amazing mother. My younger siblings are full of life and have amazing imaginations. I’m so thankful to be a part of a family that is always there for each other and can be goofy together. I never realized how much I would miss each person, for different reasons, when I went away to college.