Thursday, July 17, 2014


Recently, I have been coming across ad campaigns, hasthags, and other social media avenues that are advocating feminism. At first I would scroll past them, act as if I understood the message of feminism, and continue on with my day.
Let me tell you how wrong I was; thinking that I understood our world.
I am in no way an expert of the issues, catastrophes, or movements happening around me. I just wanted to share my simple thoughts on a complex topic.

There are several campaigns running right now that I have to get behind. 


There was a commercial I came across, sponsored by Always, that completely rocked my world. The video demonstrates that we see the term, "Like a girl", as a derogatory term. By the end of the video I had tears in my eyes thinking about how low not only other people, but myself included, think of women. Of course, when I think of someone doing something "like a girl" I am not consciously thinking that it's belittling to women; but that is the entire issue right there. We are unconsciously degrading ourselves and others.


I have recently posted about this trending hashtag, but I have to be redundant regarding this because it's just so powerful. Now, this hashtag has gotten confused regarding it's meaning. I was reading comments posted by butt hurt men about how us women are saying "all guys treat women this way", "every single guy is the problem". The irony of their comments is that the hashtag is trying to communicate the complete opposite. Women are not saying that every single guy is a douche bag. If every single guy was that awful we would've given up by now. The point is that every single woman has in some way been sexually harassed, threatened, scared, or physically mistreated. Every. Single. Woman. It is completely mind blowing to think about.


 Pantene advertised two different videos. One video is publicizing that women continuously feel like we have to apologize for everything. And I completely agree. Sorry, not sorry. 

The latter video is demonstrating the differences between men and women when it comes to labels. I think the main place that women are judged differently is the work place. If a man tries to push things along, wants to get the job done fast, and doesn't chit chat he is seen as a leader. When a woman pushes things along, tries to get the job done, and doesn't chit chat you know what she is? A bitch. I speak from personal experience. 

The craziest thing is that there are women out there who claim to be "anti-feminist". I kid you not. So I think there is just a genuine misconception of what feminism is. I understand that everyone has different concepts of terms and movements. But I happen to believe that being a "feminist" is believing in the idea that women are people. It's not about being better than men, or putting men down, or playing victim, it's about being equal. Equality for all.

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  1. I went to high school with you. We never talked just the occasional "hey" or smile. But I have to say,you are such an inspirational person and such a beautiful woman inside and out. I wish you all the best in the future and thank you for doing this and being an inspiration.