Monday, June 2, 2014

I color myself...

It has taken me 19 years and 7 months to see my beauty. Of course there are different kinds of beauty; inner and outer. I am referring to my inner beauty. I know every girl struggles to feel pretty enough, wants to fit in, wants to be thin, etc. But it's taken me way too long to figure out, "Who the hell cares?" I like coffee, a little too much, and I like long conversations filled with emotion. I love the way people explode like fireworks when they talk about their passions. I love to make people laugh. I enjoy spending hours by myself at Barnes and Noble diving into new topics and ideas. Trying out new restaurants is literally a hobby of mine. I care more about food than my well being. I love getting lost and finding hidden treasures. I love to pretend I can sing. Half of the time I'm spinning fantasies in my mind; creating a blanket of how I wish people viewed me. I love cities I've never been to. I try to only draw realistic subjects because I believe in what I see. I love to listen, and I love to be listened to. 
It has taken me too long to realize that life isn't about trying to be interesting. Life is about discovering the reasons that you ARE interesting. 
I worry too much. 
I used to be afraid in losing things, I guess really I still am, because I thought that those parts of me would be lost too. But having empty spaces means there's room to grow. The empty spaces in me will attract so many beautiful ideas and people. 
Our spaces are just a little empty until the right things come along. 

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