Sunday, June 15, 2014

It's the Little Things

Little moments that are completely underrated:

1. The smell of brewing coffee
2. When a song finishes at the exact time you pull into the driveway
3. Making someone laugh
4. Lying in bed after taking a shower
5. When you see your waiter bringing the food
6. Having a warm towel wrapped around you after getting out of the shower
7. Long hugs
8. Staying home on a rainy day
9. Finishing a great book
10. When someone looks at you and smiles simply because you're smiling 
11. The sound of a basketball swishing perfectly through the net
12. Wearing new clothes
13. Holding hands
14. Finding money you forgot about
15. Nailing all the words to a rap song
16. The smell of the beach
17. Warm paper fresh out of the copy machine
18. Sitting next to someone on a plane that doesn't want to talk
19. Back scratches
20. Keyboards that "click" perfectly under your fingers
21. When someone spells your name right
22. Waking up early but feeling like you had enough sleep
23. Jumping into a swimming pool when it's 100 degrees out
24. Listening to the perfect song with your windows down
25. Long conversations late at night
26. Waking up and realizing you have several more hours to sleep
27. Eating the cherry from your sundae
28. When someone gives you the cherry from their sundae
29. Sitting on a patio with no sense of time
30. Realizing things will be okay
31. Having a full tank of gas
32. The seat in front of you being unoccupied at functions
33. Realizing it's Happy Hour at Sonic
34. Free WIFI
35. When you've had water stuck in your ear all day and it finally trickles out and creates a warm sensation
36. When the person in front of you in the drive through pays for your Starbucks
37. Every stop light is green that you go through
38. A kiss in the rain

It really is the little things that mean the most. When we look back, the little things were really the big things all along.

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