Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sob Post

Recently, I've had to learn that not everyone keeps their promises, life doesn't go the way we expect, and the people who you think love you will change their minds. But I've found one exception to that statement; my best friends. Growing up we think we know who our "BFFs" are. I mean honestly, freshman year, if a girl went to lunch with me one day I would consider her a "close friend". But this year has demonstrated to me the people who actually care. The people who will answer your call at 3 am, show interest in your passions, hold you when you're crying, laugh at nothing, and be the silliest, even when people are looking, are the ones you should never let go. Even though we are hundreds of miles away, and they are growing individually, these girls never grow too far apart from me.
Looking at everything they have done for me I think writing about them and sharing their amazing qualities is the least I can do.

If you want to meet a genuinely happy person; look no further. I could be sobbing, PMSing, throwing rocks, and yelling obscene things and Emily would still have a smile on her face. Whenever I'm sad (which has been the case recently) she will go to all ends to make sure I'm happier. I've never met someone who tries to show me all of the beautiful ways of life the way Emily does. Her thirst for knowledge never ceases, nor does she care that she enjoys intelligent conversations. Since 3rd grade Emily has stayed up until un-godly hours playing Guitar Hero, eating those little crappy Tostito's pizzas, choreographing dances to Hilary Duff, and just being plain weird with me. Even at 19 years old she stays true to herself with her Disney loving, cookie baking, dumb joke ways. Emily is also the person that you instantly like. I don't care who you are; you will love her. Some people just have that certain aura about them and brighten the room as soon as they walk in. Whatever she attempts to do she succeeds. It would be an understatement to say that this girl has shaped my life more than anyone else. Emily shows me that it's always best to be myself. Having a soul-mate isn't always about love. I believe you can find your soul-mate in a friend too, and that's what Emily is to me. We also have that friendship where we are just a little too close. Sometimes when I hang out with her I think to myself, "This girl is ridiculous", and that's why we are best friends. I just can't stop being friends with her because she knows too much.
I've been told several times that if we came out as a lesbian couple people wouldn't be surprised.   And that's okay with me. Lesbo couple for life.


So then there's this girl...You know that one friend who makes your problem their problem just so you won't have to deal with it alone? That's Alisann. I've  been best friends with her since 5th grade and we have had years apart, and years that were tightly knit together, but we always find our way back to each other. I've never met someone who loves fashion the way I do, obsesses over Kate Spade, or loves discovering knew places until I met Alisann. I've watched her grow into an amazing woman over the years who is so confident and loving. We always try new things together, like blogging, and it makes me admire her even more. Every new coffee shop, restaurant, or fashion style Alisann is always by my side. She shows me every day that I'm worth someone who loves every inch of me. "Our standards are higher than the price of our handbags". She is fabulously classy and I admire the elegance she emits whenever she walks into a room. I also love her because she always laughs at my jokes, which really aren't that funny, but she laughs anyway. She's the person who knows some dusty parts of my soul and still sticks around. We can do nothing and anything and still have the best time.
She also understand my overwhelming addiction with Grey's Anatomy. Even with her busy college schedule she never once hesitated to the idea of me visiting her or taking up a weekend to hang out.  She channels my inner diva.

Of course these short summaries could never serve these girls justice, but I felt in some way I had to show my appreciation, admiration, and love for them. We're the three best friends that anyone could have.

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