Monday, June 9, 2014

I think maybe my blog has been just a little too positive lately, and if you know me at all that's just not who I am. Here's a rant about my top 10 pet peeves in no particular order.

1. Grammar
This annoyance ranges from incorrect forms of "your" to the abbreviations people use. I'm not really sure what is being taught in elementary schools anymore but I promise it is not grammar. I don't want to say, "Every single thing" I read is grammatically incorrect but it's pretty close. I'm just genuinely confused why it's hard to remember that "you're" stands for "you are"? Why is "their", "there", and "they're" so confusing? Also, it's "before" not "B4"; we speak English not bingo.

2. Slow Walkers
Maybe you genuinely enjoy walking 1 mph across the street while noticing the lovely pavement, but I promise the 30 cars piled up needing to get somewhere don't appreciate it. Could you maybe just go walk slowly in your driveway? Same effect, I think. 

3. Toilet Paper
Just put the toilet paper into the holder the correct way. I mean it's the little things in life. Just do it. And if you aren't going to take the time to put it in the holder the correct way then at least place it on top facing the toilet user. THANKS.

4.Talking over my music
Ultimately, I just want someone who knows what songs to not talk over. I really like this Adele mashup, okay? 

5. Being constantly on your phone
I get it, we live in a technology run world. I am victim to being on my phone, but there's a line. Just try to have a conversation with me, please. I'm kind of interesting, I promise.

6. Playing dumb
"Like I literally can't even". I've never really understood why some people would want to diminish their intelligence for any reason. I've never met a guy who said, "It's so hot to be stupid". So I just don't get it? Maybe it's the innocence act, or the whole giggling thing, but you should probably stop.

7. Guys
Okay, you're not all that bad. Just put the toilet seat down please.

8. People who know everything
Just let me finish my sentence. Everyone has opinions, but geez, can I just complete a sentence before you cut me off? Also, you may know quite a bit, but you don't know everything. I have just as much knowledge to share as you do, sir. (I refer to a man because that is most commonly the case). 

9. Talking during a movie
Look, I've seen just as much of this movie as you have. And if you don't get it by now, you never will. Just jot down your notes and we can talk after, okay? And don't touch me. 

10. Bad drivers
Actually, just drivers in general. If you've ever ridden in the car with me you're familiar with my, "What are you doing?" expression. Also the, "uhhh okay?" is pretty popular. Sometimes I just don't get the world. I really do try, but there are people who I just don't know how to deal with emotionally. I guess they truly think they're the only ones driving? No one else is around them:? Why did you pull out in front of me and there iS NO ONE BEHIND ME. 

Why can't I be as thin as my patience?

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